Professional Mediation Services

Facilitating Commercial/ Civil Disputes 

“The assurance of confidentiality and complete privacy with regards to my reputation and credibility was invaluable for my participation in the Mediation process. Sharon’s calm, very trusting, confidential approach made a huge difference. It turned out better than I had anticipated, and I feel relief.”

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Hello! I’m Sharon

Accredited Mediator 
Accredited Commercial/Civil Mediator based in Scotland providing an Independant Mediation service and delivery of Mediation skills training for Commercial Industry/Workplace.
Trusted and alert with objectivity, patience and tact while maintaining an unbiased perspective. A resourceful team player who constantly develops links with local and global organisations.


Key Sectors.

Space Industry
Healthcare and Autism

Commercial Mediation.

Commercial Mediation is a flexible and cost effective way of solving disputes. The process and results are far more advantagous and generally parties are keen to settle. This offers the opportunity for privacy, confidentiality and genuine facilitation with no disruption to relationships or business operations.

Mediation can re-establish trust and confidence if a relationship has broken down or has communication difficulties.


Mediation/Dispute resolution

Online or face to face Independent Mediation/Facilitation


Mediation skills training workshops

Introduction to Mediating Skills-Designed to be adapted for relationship         improvement in multiple areas.

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"We felt an immediate sense of trust and confidentiality with Sharon. Her calm demeanour and presence had a positive effect on everyone. I wish we had her on every case like this due to the high emotion and difficulties involved."

What is Mediation and the role of the Mediator?

Mediation is an interactive process where a neutral party assists and facilitates communication between parties in dispute.

What is the difference between Mediation and Arbitration?

In Mediation the parties retain control of the process and outcome. In arbitration the outcome is determined by the standard/law.

Is mediation suitable for all situations?

Mediation is not suitable for all procedures. i.e certain criminal procedures.

Does a mediator give advice or legal opinions?

No, a mediator does not give legal advice, opinions or judgment.

How do you decide whether to Mediate?

There are many factors which can influence a decision to Mediate or not such as cost, likelihood of settlement, stress and loss and the desire to find a solution.

Where can Meditation take place?

Due to restrictions Mediation is currently taking place via zoom or telephone but when possible at a neutral venue.

When is the best time to mediate?

It can be at various stages of dispute depending on the situation.

What happens if you reach agreement?

If parties have reached final agreement, a document will be signed by both parties and the mediator. If legally represented then solicitors can draw up an agreement to be signed by all.

How do parties prepare a position statement ?

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