What is Mediation?

Mediation provides a less stressful approach when dealing with difficult conflict situations reducing time and financial burdens. It is a non –binding, voluntary and without prejudice process in which a neutral impartial, third party (Mediator) facilitates the dispute. The purpose is to collaboratively develop win-win solution as an alternative to legal proceedings in court.

The parties agree in good faith to conduct the mediation within the terms of the agreement.
If the parties involved conclude all elements of a mututally satifactory agreement, a written document is signed by all and then becomes legally binding. If the mediator has faciliated the process whereby both parties are legally represented this can also be exercised by their lawyers.

If the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement they can still opt to take forward more formal methods if appropriate in the circumstances. The details of what went on in mediation will not be discussed at subsequent formal hearings and the mediator cannot be called as a witness or represent any of the parties in any connection with the dispute.

Benefits of Mediation.

Positive effect reducing time, cost and impact of addressing and resolving dispute.

The Mediation Process.

Mediation generally follows a standard process.

Fill out contact form and query

Mediator shall reply and ask if you wish to arrange a time to contact with 15 min free consultation

If Mediation is requested then Mediator shall contact both parties separately and have them read over, agree and sign mediation agreement and fulfil terms and conditions.

Mediator will contact both parties separately to have all contact details documents and details of dispute and information sent to her and arrange for joint meeting (if appropriate).

Mediator or parties discuss suitable venue to meet in person, online or telephone and whether initial meeting will be separate or joint.The mediator shall explain the mediation role and expectations of the process.

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