Preparing your Position Statement

Mediation offers the opportunity to communicate directly with each other with assistance of the mediator.

It is useful to consider what the issues are and what a person needs to say in terms of how they feel without judgement.
In preparation for Mediation all parties should consider the following:

1. Issues- Needs-Interests
– What do you want to ask the other party?
– What do you think they will want to ask you?
– What do you need from the other party?
– What issues might they raise which you may find difficult?

2. What would you like to achieve from both the process and outcome?
– What has been the impact on them emotionally/financially?
– What would be the benefit in terms of time/ finance/ stress impact
– What additional negative impact could be avoided if they come to a mutual
agreement? i.e. formal complaint, grievance, litigation.

3. What positive outcomes can they see by deciding for themselves?
– What happens if you can agree during the process? Try to think creatively;
– What is the other party likely to want from you?
– Is there anything else you can offer? i.e; change in policy, apology.
– Think about how it will make you feel if an agreement is reached.
– The next step if no agreement is possible.